Why she is called martyred Meena?

Who is Meena Keshwar Kamal? Let us know about her.

Meena Keshwar Kamal, who is this woman? Many around the world still do not know her, but women in Afghanistan knew everything about her. Many of them have never seen her. But when her name is mentioned, tears come to women eyes even today and her heart is filled with pride towards her. She is still known in Afghanistan as Shaheed Meena (martyred Meena).

She was born on February 27th, 1956 in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. She studied at Kabul University. She jumped into the social movement at a young age and died on February 4th, 1987. She was only thirty years old. She is believed to have been killed by the Russian spy agency KGB in Quetta, Pakistan. Meena was married to Faiz Ahmed, a leader of the Afghanistan Liberation Organization. He was assassinated on November 12th, 1986, by extremists in Afghanistan. Meena was also killed within three months of his assassination.

The world famous magazine 'Time' had published a special issue on November 13th, 2006 under the headline 'Sixty Asian Heroes'. There was also a long article on Meena. Although the majority of Afghan women still have to live like animals, Meena was instrumental in instilling the seeds of freedom, equality and revolution in the women of the country, the article said.

Today, 35 years have passed since Meena passed away. Yet why is it still in people's minds? What did she do that people should still remember her?

The reason for this is the war between Ukraine and Russia. Russia invaded Ukraine, just as Soviet Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979. They wanted to establish a communist government of their choice. Meena had launched a campaign to unite women, raise their voices against injustice and drive the Russians out of Afghanistan. Meena was becoming very popular not only among women but all over Afghanistan.

Meena had once gone to an international conference at the invitation of the French government. The meeting was also attended by Russian delegates. However, Meena spoke to Russia directly from the stage. Russia has been blamed for thousands of deaths in Afghanistan since the Russian invasion. Outraged by this, Soviet Russian delegates walked out of the assembly. Russia, shaken by such things, decided to destroy Meena forever.

Young Meena raised her voice to end the injustice done to Afghan women. She fought with great courage. She always fought for the dignity of women. Demonstrations against injustice are still going on in Afghanistan today in gratitude to her. Today, as Russia destroys Ukraine, how a young Afghan girl single-handedly persecuted Russia a few years ago. The Russians must remember that they were harassed. Even today, plaques with photos of Meena are hung in Afghanistan, as they should remember Meena.

Meena was born into a conservative tradition. Ever since she was a child, she had seen her mother being beaten by her father. At the same time, she had decided. I will change this situation of women, Meena started 'Rava' (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) while she was studying law. Realizing that she had to work hard for the women here, she dropped out of law school and devoted herself to the organization full time. She had also started a magazine for women called 'Payam-e-Jaan'. She was also working against Soviet Russia and the extremists.

All women's rights have been taken away once the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. So the women of the organization 'Rava' founded by Meena are now working there. The Taliban is in search of the women of this organization. Even if one of these women is found, she has to face severe punishment. Despite the fear of death, these women are working hard.